Grand Pacific Resorts

Marbrisa Campus

Original Scope: Create a sprawling resort campus using contemporary Spanish-influenced) architectural design. Spanning 56.52 acres the campus, when complete, would consist of 35 total buildings including Timeshares, Hotels and related support facilities enabling the campus to be self-supporting. The first phase began in 2006.

In 2016, an additional 3.17 acres were purchased making room for an additional Hotel and Timeshare building.

The master-planned campus, once built out, includes five Hotels, two Conference centers, twenty-five Timeshare buildings and five Support buildings, totaling an estimated 960,000 square feet.

This commercial development would span over twenty years, requiring design to be timeless while respectful of current design trends, customer preferences, vistas and changing topography.

The additional acreage contained a local Native American Tribe ancient burial ground.

Although originally self-branded, the property became a Hilton Brands Property. The Hotels consist of two Sheratons and three Westins, each with unique and respected branding requirements.

The campus grew conservatively, adding a few buildings each year. We employed timeless Southern California Architectural Design which is representative of the region and adaptable to the topography and property brand.

To address the Native American Tribal Burial Grounds and ancient artifacts, we worked diligently with Tribal representatives. Using technology, our engineering team identified and pinpointed exact locations where we placed concrete piers strategically into the hilltop. The Hotel was designed to sit on the concrete pier superstructure protecting the artifacts and providing a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills and ocean.