Truax Hotel

Located in the heart of Old Town Temecula, California, The Truax Hotel is this downtown’s first luxury Hotel. The design concept tells Old Town’s story – beginning with its ranching roots and evolving to the region’s new exciting downtown destination. From Western Mercantile through the Mission Revival period, The Truax Hotel replicates how the structure would have, over time, evolved. The Truax Hotel is designed to be a vital part of a series of Old Town projects including an Urban Marketplace, a state-of-the art fully automated 500-car parking structure, whose exteriors blend seamlessly into the cityscape, and The Truax Annex, a 1920s style Office building that includes a high-end Gym and Health Spa. All of these buildings are interconnected with a series of highly articulated pedestrian Paseos, weaving around and throughout the structures.